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Zap Audio

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Crossover for Zaph Audio ZD5 Kit - Each

    Zaph Audio ZD5 Speaker - Crossover Only - Each Price: $149.90 Description Product Reviews Products You May Like Crossover for the Zaph Audio ZD5 - Each This is a 2-way design using the Scan-speak 15W/8530K-00 and the Peerless XT25TG30-04 . You can also use the Danish made Scan-speak version of this tweeter, the R2604/8320.

Zaph ZD5 Speaker Build - YouTube

    I built a pair of speakers based on the Zaph ZD5 design by John Krutke. The drivers and crossover design and components were specified by Krutke but the cabi...

Anyone try Zaph's ZD5? | diyAudio

    I didn't listened to a ZD5 but be warned - here is an excerpt from the Zaph site: "Strict requirements if you want this system to sound good: Countersink all drivers, scallop the rear of the woofer opening for airflow with a 1/2" chamfer bit and round over the top and sides with a minimum of a 1/2" roundover bit.

Zaph's ZD5 Design - Techtalk Speaker Building, Audio ...

    Re: Zaph's ZD5 Design Wolf - I am aware of them and heard them at the 1st InDIYana if memory serves me. I have made her aware of the design but do not believe she has the wood working skills to build them (or access to someone who has) to build the enclosure, hence the reason for this post.

Thoughts on Zaphaudio ZD5 (Scan Speak 15W8530K00 & Vifa ...

    The ZD5 has a narrower vertical listening window. However, within that window the lower treble will be a tiny bit smoother due to the 2nd order acoustic slopes and their better power response. The ZRT has lower distortion in the lower treble thanks to the 6600, but it's not magnitudes lower than the XT25. The difference would not jump out at you.

ZD5 Build: Complete - webherrera.com

    As a note, the sub cabinets and electronics cabinet were originally part of a 70’s hi-fi set that I refinished. I pulled out all of the old speakers and built in two 10″ Dayton Reference HF subs in sealed enclosures per side. I’m powering the ZD5s with an Adcom GFA-5400 and am powering the subs with a Carver a-500x, hooked up parallel at ...

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