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No audio streams detected when playing back DVDs · …

    Insert a DVD into your optical drive. Fire up Kodi and choose "Play Disk" from the main menu. When playback starts, note that no audio gets played. Click on the "Audio options" icon in the playback toolbar. Note that the "Audio Stream" drop-down is disabled and says "None". Debuglog The debuglog can be found here: See attachment. Screenshots

No Audio in XBMC - Kodi Community Forum

    Select the proper audio device in XBMC setup I believe - this has been seen and mentioned by many and I believe that is the fix. Openelec Gotham , MCE remote(s) , Intel i3 NUC , DVDs fed from unRAID cataloged by DVD Profiler .

Topic: XBMC Passthrough no sound | Stephan's blog

    XBMC Passthrough no sound. ... MP3’s and MP4’s still worked, but when I tried to play any DVD iso with AC3, I could not hear sound. Switching the output device to SPDIF on both audio output and passthrough and configuring the receiver to take video from HDMI and audio from SPDIF did work, and I could hear the 5.1 channel audio without a ...

no sound on XBMC - AVForums

    Don't know of this is an issue in the pc version of xbmc, but on my raspberry pi version there is a known issue with hdmi sound and the audio engine option. If the audio engine option is selected it, for some reason, makes the hdmi option disappear and you can only select analog and optical. Which for me gave me no sound at all.

#993806 - kodi: No audio on DVD playback, AC3 Support ...

    Subject: Re: Bug#993806: kodi: No audio on DVD playback, AC3 Support Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2021 15:30:46 +0200 This is probably related to the ffmpeg 4.4 update, which in my case broke AC3 transcoding for AAC audio.

No audio on Xbian connected to an AV receiver via HDMI ...

    I currently use the other one, labeled "DVD", that allows me to connect an audio cable from the 3.5mm RPi connector to 2xRCA (Left/Right) connectors on the DVD Audio part of the AV Receiver. If I do that and change XBMC audio settings to Analog / 2.0 I get sound. But this, of course, is not the ideal solution.

My MKV and DVDs all play with NO VOICES but still sound ...

    Ive recently discovered all my MKV files play sound effects but no voices. I've tried selecting different audio settings but to no avail. And then i discovered playing a DVD has the same thing - EXCEPT when I go to audio settings and change it to commentary or another language, where it works! But the default English one, when selected, does ...

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