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HD Audio Pass Through on Mac Mini HDMI po… - Apple Community

    The mac mini runing XBMC or similar will need to process high definitiion video files that contain Dolby and DTS True HD 8 channels bit streams and be able to pass these streams unchanged and uncompressed to the HDMI port for external decoding.

Unfortunately still audio problem with xbmc 12.2

    1. Late 2009 Mac Mini that only uses optical audio for 5.1 has hardly had any sound problems watching movies or listening to music. 2. Mid 2011 Mac Mini hooked up to 7.1 receiver/speakers has had various sound problems. Before Frodo 12.2, I could not set audio to anything but 2.0 or 5.1 without sound being muted completely.

audio - No sound through HDMI with Mac Mini Connected to ...

    The Sony BD player got that and decided, since the projector did not handle sound, it would not send audio over the HDMI output to the projector. We solved that problem by swapping out the Sony BD player for a Panasonic and it works fine. The problem with the Mac Mini is that it is not sending sound out through the HDMI cable.

Mac OS X Dolby Digital 5.1 with Mac Mini [solved] - Hacker ...

    In the Mac, set HDMI to Use this device for sound output and Play alerts and sound effects trough this device. Confirm that the speaker setup is correct and click the speakers to confirm that test tone does not output as expected. In the amp, make sure that the input HDMI is decoding multi-channel audio as expected.

New Mac Mini output HD Audio? | MacRumors Forums

    macrumors regular. May 5, 2010. 185. 87. Sep 1, 2011. #10. To add, the 2010 Mac minis do not have the hardware to support HD audio, this changed in the 2011 models. In fact, the 2011 models have a v1.4 HDMI port which supposedly supports fullhd 3d (I'm waiting on somebody to test for me over at plex for this one).

New mac mini — Polk Audio Forum

    I prefer thin clients and a NAS. I currently have two Xbox/XBMC devices on my network with one NAS. Media is centrally located and the XBMC boxes can access the media simultaneously. The NAS consumes little power. the Xbox boots in only a few seconds, and they play just about anything. ... I use the mini dvi to hdmi to connect to samsung for ...

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