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kodi - XBMC audio language media flag - Super User

    XBMC audio language media flag. Ask Question Asked 8 years ago. Active 7 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times 2 I have movies on my HDD what are dubbed to my mother-language. Others are in english. Now started using XBMC for playing movies. With many movies in a library, when browsing movies I need to know what are dubbed and what are in english.

HD Audio Flags - Kodi

    I'm running XBMC Eden (I've tried frodo with the same results). ... From what I can see, all of the hd audio flags are present in Nox. Maybe the naming is a bit off so it doesn't find an exact match Read/follow the forum rules. For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first

Kodi Documentation: enum OpenFileFlags - xbmc.github.io

    ADDON_READ_AUDIO_VIDEO 0000 0100 0000: indicate to the caller file is audio and/or video (and e.g. may grow). ADDON_READ_AFTER_WRITE 0000 1000 0000: Indicate that caller will do write operations before reading. ADDON_READ_REOPEN 0001 0000 0000: Indicate that caller want to reopen a file if its already open.

Questions about audio codec flagging

    I am trying to figure out audio codec flagging as I notice a bunch of my videos don't display all the flags. According to the wiki: Quote:XBMC tries to read the meta information from the media file, after it was added to the Library. Not sure exactly what that means, but since the info is stored in the db I assumed that it reads it from there first, and if it's not there then reads …

Media flags - Official Kodi Wiki

    What exact kind of audio flag is provided depends on the skin you are using. The above are just a few examples types. 2.3 Media source. See also: Add-on:Confluence#Media flags and Naming video files. Most skins have flags for the video source of a media file. This information is obtained from the the filename or the directory name.

Samtidsbild - Apps on Google Play

    Samtidsbild är Stockholms läns museums insamling av digitala bilder tagna av invånarna i länet. Bilderna du bidrar med skapar en förståelse för vår samtid och de kommer att berätta för kommande generationer om hur livet var i Stockholms län på 2000-talet. Bilderna sparas i Stockholms läns museums digitala arkiv för framtiden.

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