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1176 Review - Urei vs UAD vs Warm Audio Shootout Review ...

    There’s a few things that you can notice comparing the Urei 1176 to the Warm WA76 as you play the drum samples - At 4:1 the Urei has a slight extension in the lower end and a smoothness, the WA76 is a little more ‘forward’ but the …

Warm Audio WA76 review | MusicRadar

    The original 1176 has become a recording classic. Pretty much every high-end studio in the world owns one, and with good reason - it is one of …

Warm Audio WA76 - Sound on Sound

    Classic 1176-style FET compression. Decent build quality. Two-rack unit so there is plenty of room for adjusting parameters. Dual XLR and TRS I/O. Cons No frills. Lump-in-line power transformer won't be to everyone's taste. Lacks markings on …

Warm Audio WA76 Discrete Compressor Review - MusicTech

    Like all authentic 1176 variants, the WA76 is capable of extremely fast response times. At its fastest setting, the unit is capable of an attack time of 20 microseconds and even at its slowest setting compression kicks in at 800 microseconds, which is still quite fast. Release times are available from 50 milliseconds to 1.1 seconds.

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