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RA300 Series

    RA300 and RA300 Plus Digital Screening Audiometers. In smaller hearing conservation programs, manual audiometry testing costs you money every day. It’s time consuming for you as well as for those you test. The . RA300 is a perfect solution: affordable, easy to use with minimal training, and able to deliver accurate test results automatically.

Tremetrics RA 300 Audiometer FOR SALE - Acme Revival

    The RA300 Plus incorporates several additional features. With the internal memory to hold up to 64 tests and built-in talk-over capability, the RA300 Plus brings added value to your hearing conservation program. In addition, when used with the Tremetrics software packages, the audiometer becomes a fully computer controlled solution to your hearing conservation needs.

Tremetrics Audiometer RA300 - Model 753, Each

    Tremetrics Audiometer RA300 - Model 753, Each In smaller hearing screening programs, manual audiometry costs you money every day - it's time consuming for you as well as those you test. Now there's a better choice, the new RA300 digital screening audiometer from Tremetrics. The unit is affordable, requires minimal operator training and provides ...

Tremetrics RA300 & RA300 Plus OPERATIONS …

    The TREMETRICS RA300 Digital Microprocessor Screening Audiometer provides automatic pure-tone air conduction threshold testing. This low cost modular unit features a touch sensitive

RA300 Digital Audiometer - Workplace Integra

    RA300 Digital Audiometer The affordable RA300 brings a new level of automation to a broad range of hearing screening programs. Small occupational health departments as well as hospital/community health programs can now benefit from Tremetrics' proprietary test paradigm which produces valid test results in as little as three minutes.

Tremetrics RA300 – Stanyer Electroserve

    The Tremetrics RA300 is an Industrial Fully Automatic Audiometer, it’s ideal for use in the occupational health setting. Best of all it communicates seamlessly with African Management Software as part of the unique 3 in 1 system. This Audiometer complies to all South African requirements and tests both ears from 500Hz-8000Hz.

Tremetrics Audiometer RA300 Features and Sample Test …

    The new RA300 digital screening audiometer from Tremetrics is affordable, requires minimal operator training and provides valid hearing test results automati...

Maico Diagnostics 8121536 - Audiometer Tremetrics RA300 ...

    Audiometer Tremetrics RA300 Plus Ea. Part Number Maico Diagnostics 8121536. SKU Number CIA1138591. Sell Unit EACH. Ships Within Discontinued. List Price $3,364.71. Qty:

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