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7 of 7 Yamaha AX396 Audio Amplifier Reviews | Tploom's ...

    The AX-396 can be used with the reciever also, (for the mains), but that depends on the listeners taste I think. for speakers i would suggest Audes-speakers (jazz, blues, 037.1) - it has what they say "profeSsional sound". If harmony & natural sound is important to you, then I would suggest Yamaha's amplifier: AX-396 or higher.

Review and Measurements of vintage Yamaha AX-396 ...

    The Yamaha AX-396 made a respectable test-bench result, regarding its age and the fact it was a consumer electronics product, priced about $400. I would appreciate if it had lower distortion in 1 – 5W range and less high order harmonics in the spectrum even at low power. It was able to work well with 4ohm resistive load, however it failed to ...

Yamaha RX396 A/V Receivers user reviews - AudioReview

    I have no technical music knowledge but it is now May 2015 and I am still using this very satisfactory Yamaha RX-396 amp/receiver. Also have the 5-CD CD player which I think is CDCC775 model number - that's really good too although I have lost a CD that slipped back of the disc turntable - all very good and enjoyable equipment and still going strong!

Yamaha AX-596 Integrated Amplifiers - AudioReview

    Yamaha AX-396 Technics SA-GX390 Older Technics amp Yamaha RX-V540 Yamaha RX-V660 I tested all of them with all of the different speakers and other add-ons I have to see just which was the best. Hands down, the Yamaha AX-396 came up as the best audio amp...

Review and Measurements of vintage Yamaha AX-396 ...

    Note that the AX-396 and 496 share much of the same circuitry and rectifier, but the former shipped with 6800µ/56V reservoir capacitors and the latter with 10000µ/63V. For full power bandwidth into 4 ohms, at least 8200 µF is recommended. An upgrade should be quite feasible. @pma's AX-396 is likely to need its speaker relays cleaned (or ...

Yamaha AX-396 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Manual | HiFi Engine

    Manual Library / Yamaha. Yamaha AX-396. Stereo Integrated Amplifier (2001) (4 reviews) Specifications. Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) ... which sounds slightly cleaner but with less bass. I prefer the AX-396. I highly recommend this amplifier to anyone. Reviewed Oct 09th, 2017 by . Nasty Pirate

Yamaha AX-496 Integrated Amplifiers - AudioReview

    All in all the AX-496 is good and effective amplifier, which manages to make music impressive. Yamaha AX-396, Harman/Kardon HK-630, Harman/Kardon HK-670, Marantz PM-34. The solid look, impressive, fresh sound. The treble sometimes can sound harsh, the bass is …

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