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    Although the A-Weighted response is used for most applications, C-Weighting is also available on many sound level meters. C Weighting is usually used for Peak measurements and also in some entertainment noise measurement, where the transmission of bass noise can be a problem. C-weighted measurements are expressed as dBC or dB(C).

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    Recent studies show this is the best weighting to use for musical listening purposes. The C weighting is similar to B and A as far as the high frequencies are concerned. In the low frequency range it hardly provides attenuation. This weighting is used for high level noise. The different weightings can be graphically compared on the graph above.

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    ‘C’ Frequency Weighting This is a standard weighting of the audible frequencies commonly used for the measurement of Peak Sound Pressure level. Measurements made using the C-weighting are usually shown with dB (C) to show that the information is C-weighted or, for example, LCeq, LCPeak, LCE etc. ‘Z’ Frequency Weighting

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IEC651 A-Weight Audio Filtering

    The weighted audio power is then the combination of the weighted contributions from each band. A variation of this approach can be applied when using FFT techniques for the spectral power analysis. A weighting factor can be computed by integrating the A-weighting curve over the equally-sized frequency intervals spanned by the FFT.

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