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c# - How to Play a sound file on line-in (Microphone ...

    You need to use a virtual audio device driver (like this for example ), which will allow you to play audio to that output device and it to appear as an input device to another application. Alternatively, just use a physical cable to connect an output to an input (taking care not to cause a feedback loop). Share Improve this answer

How to play the microphone audio by using C#?

    1. Sign in to vote. There isn't a generic way to record or play audio in C#. In fact there is no such thing as audio in the C# language spec. ask in the forum for your target platform. e.g. for windows phone development, go to http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/wpapps/en-US/home?forum=wpdevelop. For windows store app development, go to …

audio - Getting data from a microphone in C# - Stack …

    While .NET cannot compete with unmanaged languages for very low latency audio work, it still performs better than many people would expect. On a fairly modest PC, you can quite easily mix multiple WAV files together, including pass them through various effects and codecs, play back glitch free with a latency of around 50ms."

c# - Send audio over input stream like if I'm speaking ...

    Closed 4 years ago. I would like to send a sound over my input device: I don't want to play it, I just want that it "looks like" I'm talking with my microphone but instead I'm playing something like a wav file on that stream. This because I would like to send audio indepentently from what application I'm using to talk with my friends (so it ...

Audio Recorder in C#

    lblsecond.Text = "00"; (new Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices.Audio ()).Play ("d:\\mic.wav"); } We used the Play function in Audio to play the saved file in D Directory, the mic.wav, that we recorded its sound earlier.Click first record, say the words you wanted to say, click the save button, and play it.

How to play an mp3 file into a voice call using C#?

    In the case of softphones, mp3 streamers are used to play mp3 files into calls, for example in the cases of IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), voicemails, auto-answerers etc. Basically, mp3 stream players work almost the same way as microphones, but the stream of audio data is being sent from an mp3 file instead from a microphone, which means ...

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