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    Although C-core audio transformers for tube amplifiers have had fairly wide acceptance (at least in Europe and Japan), C-core power transformers are not common in audio equipment. Photo 8 shows a medium-power C-core power transformer, a single-loop transformer with windings on both legs of the core. R-Core Transformers

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    The AEE audio transformers are of top quality and available in various versions. Output transformers and choke coils are available in EI core / C core or Amorphous core. However, the power supply is only available in EI core and C core material. You can choose between a transformer in an enclosure or an open version.

audio transformer nanocrystalline c core for Better ...

    The appropriate audio transformer nanocrystalline c core increase your productivity by trading voltage and current in an electric circuit. You can use the audio transformer nanocrystalline c core to convert electricity with high-voltage and a small current to the one that has low voltage and a high current or vice versa according to your needs.

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