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G.711 - Wikipedia


A-Law Compressed Sound Format

    Format Description for A-Law -- Standard companding algorithm used in European digital communications systems (telephones, for the most part) to optimize the dynamic range of an analog signal (generally a voice) for digitizing, i.e., to compress 16 bit LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulated) data down to 8 bits of logarithmic data.

G711.org - Telephony File Converter

    Note: 50MB Maximum File Size. Output Format. u-law WAV (8Khz, Mono, u-law) a-law WAV (8Khz, Mono, a-law) Standard Definition WAV (8Khz, Mono, 16-Bit PCM) High Definition WAV (16Khz, Mono, 16-Bit PCM) Asterisk G.722 (16Khz, Mono, G.722) Asterisk G.729 (8Khz, Mono, G.729) Asterisk RAW (8Khz, Mono, RAW) Development (Non-Functional: Coming Soon) Volume.

YoungEngineering A-Law and Mu-Law Companding

    There is a wide array of audio transmission systems that employ A-law and/or µ-law companding for data rate reduction with good audio quality. The compression achieved by both A-law and µ-law coding is the result of utilizing the logarithmic characteristics of the human auditory system, where fewer bits of

Converting audio to u-law format for IVR recordings - …

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Supported file formats in Audition 3 - Adobe Inc.

    Includes multiple formats supported by Microsoft's Audio Compression Manager; files must be converted to a supported ACM codec format before export. A-Law and mu-Law (.wav) Import and Export : Standard encoding formats for compressing 16-bit audio to 8-bit (2:1) (CCITT standard G.711). Expands to 16-bit when opened. Amiga IFF-8SVX (.iff, .svx)

audioop — Manipulate raw audio data — Python 3.10.2 ...

    a-LAW is an audio encoding format whereby you get a dynamic range of about 13 bits using only 8 bit samples. It is used by the Sun audio hardware, among others. audioop. lin2lin ( fragment , width , newwidth ) ¶

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