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    The A-Designs EM-PEQ is a 500 series module that is designed after the classic Pultec equalizer. It's got the same Pultec make up that most engineers will be aware of, and certainly boasts a similar sound quality to the original.

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    Unlike any other 500-Series equalizer, the A-Designs EM-PEQ sits on the extreme end of the “character” bench. It is the perfect tool to shape what cannot be fixed by so-called “surgical” EQs: the elusive magic of musicality. You’re gonna want two of them…at least….!* *The EM-PEQ is an approved API™ VPR Alliance product and requires 48V to operate.

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    Along with modern performance enhancements, the A-Designs Audio EM-PEQ meticulously maintains the EQ-section design and control layout of the original Pultec EQP-1A, as well as its wonderfully smooth musicality. It also has the same frequency settings and inductors that made the Pultec a must-have for capturing the bottom end.

EM-PEQ 500 Series Equalizer by A-Designs Audio

    EM-PEQ. After extensive research and development, the EM-PEQ has captured the essence of the EQP-1A and contained it in the compact and popular 500-Series format. The EM-PEQ faithfully preserves the EQ section design, control layout, and wonderfully smooth musicality of …

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    Overview The A-Designs Audio EM-PEQ is a 500 Series equalizer with a control layout and design similar to the classic Pultec passive equalizers. It features a nickel-wound output transformer in the same output amplifier as the A-Designs Audio Pacifica mic preamp, Grayhill rotary switches, custom-wound inductors, and a true hard-wire bypass. Gallery

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    The A Designs EM-PEQ card sonically nods to the classic Pultec EQP-1A sound. The classic all-tube Pultec EQP-1A goes down on the record books as one of the most venerated equalizers of all time, cherished by recording and mastering engineers for its almost mythical ability to improve the sound of just about anything running through it.

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    Dubbed the EM-PEQ, A-Designs Audio was able to ‘shrink’ this highly sought after filter design into the now red-hot 500 Series format without compromise to either build quality or sonics. The EQ section design and control layout of the classic EQP-1A has been meticulously maintained, as well as its wonderfully smooth musicality.

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