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    Coaxial video cables have that famous one-pin connector, sometimes called a stinger, that can either be pushed or screwed into place. Coaxial video cables are now mostly confined to outside connections, such as satellite TV or cable TV lines that come through the wall. A single coaxial cable carries both video and audio signals.

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    A coaxial cable between a TV antenna and a TV set can carry waveforms, tuned and processed by the TV set’s digital signal processor, for broadcast standards like DVB-T2, ATSC 1.0, etc., which clearly include both audio and video signals.

What is Audio Video Cable?

    A single coaxial cable carries both video and audio signals. ... HDMI cables are an updated version of DVI. HDMI cables were also designed for use with HD components, but their connector is much slimmer, like a large USB cable.HDMI also includes HDCP copy protection. What colors are the audio video cables? RCA Colour Coding Guide

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    A digital coax cable is a type of cable that can transmit pretty much any digital or electrical signal, but are most commonly used for transmitting audio and video signals. A digital coaxial interconnector is similar to that of an RCA cable, but the digital cable carries and electrical instead of an analog signal.

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    Triax Cable is designed as a 75 ohm coaxial cable with two isolated shields to provide multiple functions through one cable to your camera such as power. There are two versions of triax cable commonly used in TV industry: RG59 (3/8") and RG11 (1/2"). Those are the basic cable types used in audio/video systems wirings.

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