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desperately need tag 1 audio codec - Audio Codecs ...

    It asks for audio codec tag 1. With Quicktime player I have sound.Why? I desperately need this tag 1 because I don’t have audio for avi’s neither in Ulead video editor. Does anyone know how to get this tag 1 codec? Thanks a lot. 01-29-2004 04:47 PM gabikosuth. ...

Tag 1 audio codec - VideoHelp Forum

    Hi Gspot says the audio format is "divx (same as wma" bur WMPlayer cannot read it and says "the audio codec identified by the format tag 1is required to play this file". I get the video ok, but no sound. VirtualDubMod will not demux the audio into wav, and having demuxed with another application, there is nothing I can do with this audio file that comes out as .mp3

missing audio codec format tag 1 - Audio Codecs ...

    missing audio codec format tag 1 posted in Audio Codecs i have problems using Windows Media Player 9. fine playing video but the problem is, there’s no sound.

Guides : Audio Codec Tags - Free-Codecs.com

    - Audio Codec Tag 85 may be requested when Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder is missing. - Audio Codec Tag 49 may be requested when GSM 6.10 Audio Codec is missing. Learn how to reinstall it from this guide. - Audio Codec Tag 1025 may be requested when Intel Music Coder is missing. - Audio Codec Tag 674F may be requested when Ogg Vorbis is ...

www.Audiotag.org audio tags and audio codecs

    Audio tags that are unlinked has not been matched to a specific audio codec yet. Head over to the audio tags page to get a better overview of which tags are used by which audio codecs.. Song title, album title, artist tags? Audio tags is also another name for the meta data in audio files that tells which artist made the original song, which album it is from and the song title etc.

AC3 audio codec

    Audio tag 2000. Audio tag 2001. Audio tag 8192. It is possible that there are some alternative audio codecs that can handle this/these audio tag (s). …

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