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Zuki Audio Eleets 4ch Amplifier | DiyMobileAudio.com Car ...

    Here's some interesting tidbits about the Zuki amp: 1. It's very heavy for its size, indicating excellent build quality, and meaty heatsinks. Sure enough, its one of the most substantial heatsinks I've put my hands on, ever. 2. It says it puts out 5 watts per channel, at .005% distortion.

Zuki Audio Eleets 4-Channel Amp Review - Sound Buggy

    With this in mind, manufacturers will build their amps to produce rated power into extreme loads, and with very high levels of clipping to the point of being square waves. Zuki Audio as I will explore below takes an entirely different approach. I played a 1kHz sine wave signal into the amp and adjusted the gains for the maximum unclipped output.

Anyone here running Zuki amps? | Car Audio Forum ...

    pics. If someone does amplifier testing, a solid conclusion can be made. Right now. we have a better estimate on what his 5w x 4 amplifier really does. People are. speculating 75w x 4 @ 4 ohms, 125w x 4 @ 2 ohms. When the Zuki 4ch guts were revealed on the DIYMA forum, three things. happened.

Zuki Audio Eleets One SQ Monoblock Amp Dyno Test [4K ...

    #AmpTestTuesday #AmpDyno #ZukiAudioZuki Audio was a company who sold amplifiers in the 2007-2009 timeframe and used an odd strategy...rating the amps at very...

Zuki - AmpGuts.com

    Most users ever online was 1,114, 04-23-2021 at 08:50 AM. buy and sell Aftermarket car audio and stereo amplifiers. Subwoofers and cd players for sale at wholesale. Used car audio equipment, stereo systems and mobile audio for sale. Buy car audio.

Want To Buy : Zuki 5 channel amp - CarAudioJunkies

    Re: : Zuki 5 channel amp. I no longer have one, but used to have the Eleets Hybrid 5-channel. I still think this was the best-sounding amp I ever owned. Good luck with your search. AVH2300NEX - Helix DSP Mini - RF Punch 200x2/Punch 240x4/Power T750x1bd - AudioFrog GB10,25,60 & GB12D2. Quick Navigation Classifieds Top.

Zuki`s - CarAudioJunkies

    Read recently that Zuki is pretty much gone, except for a few mono amps he has left. But that, "parts" six channel I had - that thing was not short on power at all. People can say what they want about all amps sounding the same - but that was the first time I did a direct swap and could tell a difference.

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