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SoundStage! Equipment Review - Zu Cable OxyFuel ...


SoundStage! Equipment Review - Zu Cable OxyFuel ...

    They were also a bit more coherent in presenting the structure of individual instruments, and although the Zu Cables were actually more detailed and captured more air, the Acoustic Zen cables' slightly more laid-back presentation still did …

Zu Cable Oxyfuel any good? - Audio & Video Forums

    Hi, I'm looking for new interconnects, does anybody have experience with the Zu Cable Oxyfuel interconnects. I’m also looking at the Belden 1505F with Canare plugs (Blue Jeans Cable). The interconnect will be used to connect a Cambridge Audio azur 540 amp with a CA azur 540 cd-player. Please advice. Thanks, Walker

Oxyfuel RCA Interconnect | Zu Audio | Hi-Fi audio …

    Zu Audio Oxyfuel delivers on its promise of high value. It is a pure, stripped down coax design featuring a large diameter, pure copper deposit tubular outer conducting path for signal, micro-cellular foamed PE dielectric with a bonded high conductance, low magnitude aluminum shield. If …

zu cable - Positive Feedback

    from well-known companies in high end audio. Zu cables first caught my attention at CES 2002, where they featured high-quality products at reasonable prices. The review sample was an eight-foot pair of 14 AWG "Gauge" and 11.5 AWG "Julian" speaker cables joined at one end to form a bi-wire set. Zu cables are constructed from high-purity

Review: Zu-cable, z cable, stealth and focus cables

    The chestiness in voices, brightness in treble persisted even after 200 hours. The oxyfuels connected to the rear channel amplifier. The character of the Julian speaker cable is better than the Oxyfuel interconnects- good for a Home theater system as they have great dynamic range, bass, quick.and wider Sound stage. After a month of use.

6moons audio reviews: Sundry Cables by Zu Audio

    Reviewer: Frederic Beudot Digital Source: Musical Fidelity A5 CD, Accuphase DP55, Sound Quest SQ12 [on loan] Amplifier: Musical Fidelity A5, McIntosh MA2275, Onix SP3 Speakers: FJ OMs, Rogers LS 3/5a, Nomad Audio RPD [in for review], Dana 630 [in for review] Headphone: Musical Fidelity Xcanv3, AKG K701 Cables: Zu Gede, Zu Libtec, Slinkylinks RCA, Cobalt Ultimate

Zu Audio Speaker Cable - Opinions? | Steve Hoffman …

    TEA FOR ONE Listening to the world one note at a time. I recently purchased two pairs of Zu Libtec cables. 1-10ft pair,spades/bananas, 1-8ft pair,bananas/bananas. Both were used,for a ridiculous price of $75. I simply couldn't resist. I have been using Anticables,Signal Cable,and Dyson Audio speaker cables.

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