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pulseaudio | Gawen's blog

    The last zsnes version (1.510+bz2-5) comes with only the SDL audio output. I configured the SDL audiodriver to pulseaudio but it had to be configured to pulse for zsnes to work (well don’t know why). Anyway all I had to do was this : export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse zsnes. And now it works.

No sound in zsnes? - antiX-forum

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it. antiX with runit - leaner and meaner. If the Options/configuration window doesn’t let you select audio output, then try pulseaudio out. There is no need to ask for permission. Test it and, if it doesn’t work, you can always uninstall it.

[SOLVED] Zsnes - No sound Ubuntu 16.04

    Openbox & Pulseaudio installed. Load a rom and no sound at all. Kodi sound works flawlessly. All config files seem right for zsnes. Pacmd says sink not muted. Is going hdmi to the tv. This is a very minimal installation that until the other day had no other purpose than to load Kodi. I am tinkering with a menu to load emulators.

ZSNES Home Page - About ZSNES

    Welcome the ZSNES Home Page. ZSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator programmed by zsKnight and _Demo_. On April 2, 2001 the ZSNES project was GPL'ed and its source released to the public. It currently runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and DOS. Remember that this is a public beta so don't expect this to run on your machine.

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