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H2 Support - | ZOOM

    Audio Interfaces. Digital Mixer / Multi-Track Recorders. Multi-Effects. Vocal Processors. ... H2 System Software Version ... Bundled Software. Find links and information regarding free editions of bundled software for Zoom …

How to use the Zoom H2 as an audio interface - YouTube

    Its all in the title.....

Using the Zoom H2 as an audio interface - Google Groups

    audio interface. I connect it to my computer, and go to System Preferences --> Sound. The H2 is being recognized and is clearly transmitting sound. Then I launch Cubase SX. I go to Devices --> Device Setup --> VST Multitrack. I change "ASIO driver" to "H2 Audio (1)." Now if I select an audio track, there are no selectable audio inputs, so I can't record.

Zoom H2 as audio interface : linuxaudio - reddit

    Zoom H2 as audio interface Hi I'm using a zoom h2 recorder in its audio interface mode to record on audacity. It's no problem getting it to be recognized and selecting it as the input in audacity, but there seems to be something wrong when recording.

Zoom H2 (old Model) and Windows 10 - how to make it work ...

    The problem was the sampling rate used by the Zoom H2 compared to the sampling rate that Windows 10 was expecting. When windows 10 installs the Zoom H2 as an audio interface, it sets the sampling rate in the settings at 48khz. However, the default setting for the Zoom H2 is 44.1khz. If they don't match, it won't work.

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