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Frank Zappa - Congress Shall Make No Law . . . - Amazon ...

    The remaining material is just an audio recording of Zappa's famous 1985 US Senate testimony during the PMRC controversy, and his less well known, but …

Congress Shall Make No Law | Zappa.com

    Zappa Records 1 Congress Shall Make No Law 1966 2 Perhaps in Maryland 645 3 thou shalt have no other gods before Me 176 4 thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image - any likeness of anything in heaven above, nor in the earth …

Frank Zappa Testimony Congress

    Token of congress at home audio recording act as inherently political viewpoints, finance his message bit more than funny, frank zappa testimony congress at first. Obviously, identify, and dozens...

Frank Zappa: Statement To Congress September 19, 1985

    Transportation, United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth Congress: First Session on Contents of Music and the Lyrics of Records(including all of Zappa’s prepared statement, which he quotes in condensed form below). STATEMENT OF FRANK ZAPPA. ACCOMPANIED BY LARRY STEIN, COUNSEL Mr. Zappa. My name is Frank Zappa. Can you hear me? The Chairman.

33 Years Ago: Frank Zappa Made Congress Look Like Fools ...

    In 1985, Frank Zappa Proved That He Was A Verbal And Intellectual Force To Be Reckoned With! Few things in life are certain. Death, taxes, messing with Frank Zappa’s music is a one way ticket to being shamed and exposed on national television, especially if you’re on a panel with other senate members. You know, the usual stuff!

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