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Opinions on the Zaph Audio ZRT Revelator Towers

    I have used the revelator drivers in my car audio systems, as well as the Scan tweeters, and they would play louder than most any speakers of that size that I have ever heard. Loud is not dynamic. I just finished the 2-way design with premium x-over parts and home-made boxes. These are replacing Maggie 3.6Rs.

Zaph Audio ZRT 2 way Revelator Tower, Opinions? - Techtalk ...

    Re: Zaph Audio ZRT 2 way Revelator Tower, Opinions? We heard it at the InDIYana event. Very nice, but the system did require tweaking in the bass alignment and XO (less BSC), since the woofer specs have changed somewhat since the original design was put out. Build your own cabinet (I'm sure you will Nik ;) ) as the Mad cabinet is a bit wimpy.

Zaph|Audio ZRT 2.5-Way, Revelator Tower Parts Only - PAIR

    A ZRT 2-Way version is also available with a single 18W/8531G mid/bass driver. This configuration can be done in a ported 38 liter tower cabinet, or sealed in the 20 liter cabinet. See Zaph Audio for more details on both the ZRT 2-way and ZRT 2.5-way. The ZRT 2.5-Way Kit includes: (2) D3004/6600 “AirCirc” Tweeters (4) 18W/8531G 7” Revelator Woofers

My DIY Zaph Audio ZRT speaker build | Audio Science …

    The ZRT's are small towers utilizing high quality Scan-Speak drivers, namely: Illuminator D3004/6600 AirCirc Tweeter Textile Dome, and ScanSpeak Revelator 18W/8531G-00 7" Mid Woofer 8 ohm I selected the 2-way vented alternative versu the 2.5-way closed box because I deemed it would yield enough bass and better suited my budget.

Zaph Audio ZRT 2 way Revelator Tower, Opinions? - Techtalk ...

    Re: Zaph Audio ZRT 2 way Revelator Tower, Opinions? Originally posted by nikbrewer View Post that seems like a very bix box for those since they come with a 38 L box. It does seem to make the f3 considerably lower. The "optimal" box calculates to even larger. And if it gets much smaller than 50L, there's quite a bit of peaking in the output.

Zaph ZRT 2 Way Build (DIY) : audiophile - reddit

    Zaph ZRT 2 Way Build (DIY) Eyecandy. Close. 96. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Zaph ZRT 2 Way Build (DIY) ... After going back and forth for a month or so deciding what to build, we decided on the Zaph ZRT 2 ways. We wanted a project that we wouldn’t immediately want to update from, had a good portion of the costs come from drivers, had ...

ZRT2.5 Revelator vs Mini Statements

    From: Zaph Audio website. ... that the standard 2 way ZRT will probably have better bass extension than the 2.5 way. The SS revelator works well in large, ported boxes, tuned low and will give very impressive bass extension for it's size. ... Zaph has plans on his website to build the 2.5 way ZRT in a ported 65L cabinet. The 2 way tower is 38L ...

Design Review for First DIY Towers (Zaph ZRT 2.5 Way ...

    I have graciously taken the design by Zaph Audio for the ZRT 2.5, ... This way, I get the benefits of a ported tower, but can also purchase the grills for the MD38's and use them for a finished clean look. ... the Revelator woofers extend quite nicely in a sealed configuration but would require a sub and an 80hz XO or so....whcih isn't a bad ...

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