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ZAPCO - The Driving Force

    ZAPCO - The Driving Force. The ST-X DSP 2021. The new ST-4X DSP and ST-6X DSP for 2021 are now available. Same power of earlier models, but almost everything else about them is new and improved. The Driving Force. Since 1974. ZAPCO is dedicated to the pursuit of audio fidelity. Our prime objectives are to design and manufacture audio products ...


    TEAM ZAPCO. Committed to Excellence. Product Line from Zapco DSP, Analog Processors and Amplifiers. A wide range of unsurpassed quality products for your Car Audio System. HDSP-V SERIES. The next generation of Processing. DSP-IV SERIES. The new DSP-IV Series. ANALOG PROCESSORS. Analog Signal Processors are back. Z-AP SERIES.

JL Audio vs. Zapco | Car Audio Forum | CarAudio.com

    Montana. Feb 18, 2004. #3. Bahaha. Zapco and JL are about on the same level quality wise. The only difference is JL is regulated and Zapco is not, zapco also has the ability to be run at 16v balanced. Both great amps, the JL 300/2 was spec'd out WAY higher than a comparable Tru amp that cost a good deal more.

Zapco or Arc Audio - CarAudioJunkies

    It seems that amplifier manufacturers get to write whatever they want on the spec sheet. Zapco gets to claim 1350 watts, Orion got to claim 1 watt with the Concept 97.3, neither is accurate. In all honesty, an amp dyno doesn't mean much to me. For all we know, the Zapco might exceed 1350 watts, it just happens at a frequency other than 40 hz.

Need help choosing a 4 channel amp: Zapco, Mmats ...

    Zapco Reference REF1000.4 ($700) Mmats SQ-4160 ($600) Soundstream REF4.920 ($400) Opinions on choosing between these three? My main focus is SQ above all else: soundstage, image, depth, seperation, attack, etc. I like the price on the SS but really like the way the Zapco is built. I cant help but wonder how much better the Zapco is over the SS.

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