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No Sound on Youtube [Solved] - Driver Easy


Top 3 ways to fix no sound or audio in youtube videos ...

    if you lost your sound in your youtube videos, save some time and read the following: Top 3 ways to fix no sound or audio in your YouTube videos 1.) verify y...

Solutions to YouTube Sound Not Working Problem or …

    The absence of audio in a YouTube video can be both confusing and frustrating. You might become curious about YouTube sound not working problem and look for ways of fixing it. Note that YouTube audio problems may be caused by basic issues that are easy to fix such as forgetting to turn on the sound option on your device or sound setting.

No Sound on Youtube [Solved] - Driver Easy

    Try to watch the video in a different browser. If other browsers have the sound, it means the problem is caused by the browser being used. In this case, move on to Method 3. If all browsers can’t play sound, the sound card might not be working, then you’ll need to update the sound card drivers. Method 3: Unmute the browser and the plugins

YouTube Audio Not Working: 6 Easy Solutions - How To …


How to Fix No Sound/Audio Problems on YouTube Online …

    7. YouTube audio and video separation technology. In the recent code updates, YouTube uses the audio and video separation technology, and it may cause no sound on YouTube or audio and video are not synchronized. You can’t find an effective way to solve the YouTube sound issues online.

How to Fix No Sound Not Working on Youtube Videos in ...

    If you are also annoyed with Youtube sound not working on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and lower operating systems, then take the help of the below-listed methods for ease. Everyone likes to use Youtube. It is a great platform to play songs, videos, and other content. But what if the Youtube audio not working in Windows 10 while you try to play some ...

How to fix No Sound on YouTube on Windows 11/10

    The first thing to check is the volume settings of your device. Check and make sure that your …

How to Fix – No Sound on YouTube When Playing Videos

    When you are playing a YouTube video but you can’t hear any sound, the first thing is to open other videos to have a check. If other videos work normally, it means there is something wrong with the video itself.

No Sound on YouTube? How to Fix It on Windows 10

    From looking up instructions to fix a broken pipe to listening to popular podcasts, YouTube has become an important part of the online world. So, it can be annoying when you hit that play button, and there is no sound on YouTube. Fortunately, the issue of YouTube sound not working on Windows 10 is quite easy to fix.

Fix Sound Problem, Audio Not Working On Windows 10 - …

    Audio not working, fix sound problem in Windows 10 for Laptop or PC. No Audio or speakers not working is common problem when you upgrade your Windows 7 to Wi...

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