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Solutions to Fix Xbox One Won’t Play DVDs - DVDFab


no sound playing dvds - Microsoft Community

    Hi, could you try something, start the DVD playing, switch to another input source and then switch back to the xbox input source. Do you then get audio from the DVD?-Try changing the hdmi port you're using on the tv to see if that helps any.

6 Ways to Fix Xbox One Won’t Play DVD Error (High …

    Step 1: Choose Family from the Settings app. Step 2: Browse and choose the settings you want to change. Step 3: Choose Change Settings under Privacy & Online Safety. Step 4: Check if you can play DVD with Xbox One now.

Quick Fix: My Xbox One Won't Read DVD Discs - VideoSolo

    Errors with Xbox One 1. Foreign Objects. If it is nothing wrong with your DVD discs, try to shake your Xbox One. If you can hear some weird sound coming from it, it indicates that some foreign objects might be inside. Alright, get them out. 2. Failure of Underlying Components. The Xbox One is consist of gears, screws, and rollers and so forth.

Easy Ways To Fix Xbox One No Sound Issue| Audio Not …

    -Press the Xbox button to open the guide. -Select Settings. -Select All Settings. -Select Display & sound. -Select Audio output. -Select either HDMI audio or Optical audio, based …

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