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Netflix audio is out of sync

    If Netflix's audio is out of sync with the video, it means there's a problem with your device or the title you're trying to watch. Follow the steps below to fix the problem. Android phone or tablet Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch PlayStation 4 Set-top box Smart TV TiVo Windows computer All other devices

Xbox One Audio out of Sync and Glitchy? - Microsoft Community

    For the last week or so, my Xbox One, which i purchased back in 2015, has been having audio issues. The audio will always lag and be out of sync, and this will be accompanied by some scratchy static-like noises. Im positive this is an xbox issue because when i watch netflix using the app on my smart tv, the audio was perfectly fine.

[TECH] Netflix App audio keeps going out of sync : xboxone

    The audio in the Netflix app on my Xbox keeps going out of sync, but the weird thing is it ONLY happens during TV shows that are Netflix originals. It's never happened with any other show or movie on Netflix, only with their original shows (eg. Stranger Things, Mindhunter, etc.)

[Tech] Netflix Audio is Out of Sync? : xboxone

    [Tech] Netflix Audio is Out of Sync? Close. 0. Posted by 7 years ago. Archived [Tech] Netflix Audio is Out of Sync? the sound on my Netflix is out of sync with the picture, is there anyway to fix this. Seems to be around half a second to a second out. Quite distracting. ... Check the Xbox Live Service Status here!

Netflix lip sync off : xboxone - reddit

    I have a sonos playbar and it seems to be how the xbox handles bitstream out via hdmi. It's awful some days it can be 500ms audio delay from video a hard reset fixes it but i really shouldn't have to do that to get no audio lag. This isn't a Netflix issue for me it is system wide.

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