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Xbox 360 - Slight Static Noise on Dashboard / Occasionally ...

    When using the Xbox 360 (I have it set to 1080p mode with a Xbox 360 High Speed HDMI Cable) and shifting quickly between tabs on the Xbox 360 dashboard (Games, Setup, etc.), I sometimes hear a slight/faint static noise that lasts only a split second.

Xbox 360s to TV with HDMI suddenly creating static - Arqade

    The likelihood of interference is low because HDMI is a digital signal. If there is strong interference, you won't get static, but you will get "dropped frames" (sound cuts out temporarily and/or stuttering). The static may actually be coming from the TV itself; something is causing interference between the digital decode and the TV speakers.

Weird static noise on the new 360s - Xbox 360 - Giant Bomb

    That was the sound. Every sound the xbox makes while selecting My Xbox, selecting settings, playing an LIVE arcade game, and watch Netflix was just that annoying fuzz. I restarted the xbox several times with no luck. I reconnected the HDMI cable a couple of times with no luck. After checking the internets for any information, I started the 360 ...

I can only hear digital noise/static from the headset ...

    Go into Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Primary Output Port and select ‘Digital Out (Optical)’. Make sure that only ‘Linear PCM 44.1kHz and ‘Linear PCM 48kHz’ are checked. Xbox 360: Go into Settings > System > Console Settings > …

XBox Static Sound? | PlayStation Universe

    Hey guys, my nephews Xbox is making some weird static sounds during gameplay for certain games. It used to be fine but he said that …

Hearing a weird buzzing audio sound from my televisions ...

    A likely cause of buzzing is a ground loop. If your TV and xbox aren't plugged into the same outlet (or power strip) then try that first. If that doesn't work it could still be a ground loop -- disconnect everything except your TV and xbox and see if it persists.

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