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XBox 360 has no sound with HDMI cable - Arqade


XBOX 360 no sound only video on HDMI - Microsoft Community

    Have you tried resetting the video / audio settings on the Xbox? If not try doing this. Turn off the console and restart it using the controller. During start up hit "Y" and the Right Trigger at the same time. Do this until the console restarts.

Xbox 360 S (no video or sound) - Microsoft Community

    Hi. I have a Xbox360 S Console, having problems with my video output. I am getting no video signal out put using HDMI lead or normal A/V lead. I have tried starting the console with my controller and then holding Y & R trigger with no response.

How to Fix Xbox 360 with no video output. - YouTube

    In this video i show you how to fix an xbox 360 thats experiencing video output problems. If your xbox has sound and no RROD but no video, this fix could wo...

How to fix an Xbox 360 with sound but no video – Justin ...

    I found out that you can fix it much the same way as you would the common RROD issue, by removing the x-clamp from the GPU, and using screws to reseat the heat sync. I pieced together the fix from around the web, and took the following steps to fix my video-less 360: Downloaded this guide. ( highly recommended)

technical issues - No video output from Xbox 360 - Arqade

    No video output from Xbox 360 1 I have had my xbox 360 for a long time. I have tried all the basic troubleshooting relating to similar matters. I have: Changed the power block. Changed the HDMI cord. Bought new AV jacks. Checked correct INPUT on tv. Made sure proper INPUT CHANNEL. Now here comes my dilemma. My 360 boots up fine.

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