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[Xbox 360 S] No sound, but only when playing DVDs ...


[Xbox 360 S] No sound, but only when playing DVDs ...

    Turn off the console, remove the hard drive (if you have one), and try playing the DVD without the hard drive attached. Try connecting your console to a different TV. Let us know the results from trying these! If they don't fully solve the audio issue, then they'll help us get on the right track toward finding the root cause and a working solution.

Solved: no sound DVD with xbox 360 - Best Buy Support

    no sound DVD with xbox 360. 12-25-2010 01:42 PM. Connected xbox to hdmi 1 on NS-32L550a11 could not get the sound to work. Turned off the Display Discovery on my xbox and set the video and audio settings manually. Got sound to work when playing a game or watching a video through the video library on xbox, but when I put in a DVD in the xbox, the sound does not …

Xbox 360 Has No Sound When Playing DVDs - Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 Has No Sound When Playing DVDs Eric_axel 3 years ago #1 I intend to get a dedicated player for movies at some point, but in the meantime I really want to take advantage of the Xbox 360's DVD playing capabilities.

xbox playing dvd with no sound. - Xbox 360 ...

    1. put in the dvd 2. change the channel from HDMI to TV or something similar. 3. change it back to the HDMI channel that your xbox is on. the sound should be working. well.. it works for me anyway....

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