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No sound with component cables.... - Xbox 360

    Xbox 360. No sound with component cables.... SSJ4Bass 10 years ago #1. Or at least I assume they are component cables. I got a 32 inch led hdtv recently and decided to try the second set of plugs on the av cord for my 360. They are ones that originally came with the xbox, by the way. I'll turn on the 360, get picture just fine, but no sound.

Xbox 360 HD VGA Cable. No Sound - Microsoft Community

    The video is perfect, however I am unable to get any sound. Someone told me that the VGA cable does not transmit sound, but then I don't understand why there is a white and red wire. Before anyone suggests I buy a HDMI cable, I can't because I have a rather old xbox with no HDMI output. I tried doing what Xbox Support says here:

Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Component Cables


No sound Component HD AV Cable xbox 360 philips | AVForums

    Ok u need something like this, will plug into the red and white audio cables from the component cable to give you the stereo 3.5mm jack u need. Not a good picture but note the female ends on the rca plugs. 2x RCA Phono Female to 1x 3.5mm Male Jack Audio Cable: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Xbox 360 Cables

    TV AV Cable Wire, 1.8M Component ABS Lead Cord AV Cable Audio Video Cord for Xbox 360 Slim Replacement 4.3 out of 5 stars 57. $14.19 #7. AV Cable and AC Power Cord for Xbox ... Pack of 2 Component AV Cord Cable for Microsoft Xbox Console System HD HDTV RGB $14.99 #33.

monitor - XBox 360 has no sound with HDMI cable - Arqade

    The TV tells the Xbox to only allow PC-like display options if it's set to auto-detect the display settings. To fix this: Open the options on the Xbox Main Screen ; Right until you get to Settings; Select Console Settings → Display Discovery; Turn the auto display discovery to Off; It will ask you to reset your TV and Xbox, after which you should have sound.

Amazon.com: Microsoft Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable ...

    The Xbox 360 Component Cable is the all-in-one solution for high-definition and standard TVs. Featuring a high-definition gaming output of 720p or 1080i, the Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable is equipped with a progressive-scan DVD playback in 480p. Featuring Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound output and component (Y, Pr, Pb) high-definition video ...

No sound with HDMIcable? - Xbox 360 Q&A for Xbox 360 ...

    No sound with HDMIcable? I have the Xbox 360 Elite so i use the HDMI cable that came with it on my HDTV but theres no sound when im using it, worked fine before but all of a sudden it just stopped, so i switched to the component cable and the sound works, do i need a new cable?? or is something wrong with my TV and/or Xbox? mmcai - 13 years ago ...

Best Buy: Microsoft Xbox 360 Component HDAV Cable B4V-00004

    (Flash demo) Get the most out of your Xbox 360 with this high-definition cable that connects to your TV's component input. The cable's excellent signal transmission truly optimizes both audio and video signals, enabling you to enjoy your favorite games right on your TV exactly the way they were meant to be seen. Simply connect the cord from your Xbox 360 console to your TV and …

Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Monster GameLink Component Video ...

    The cables that come with the X-Box are Composite cables, not Component cables. Composite cables have a single 480i video output (that you would use with a late '80s model tube TV) and Left/Right RCA audio outs. These Monster Cables have YPrPb (yellow, red, blue) component outputs for use with non-HDMI high def. sets.

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