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XBOX 360 Audio Adapter not working with HDMI!? - Microsoft ...


Xbox 360 serious audio problem. - Microsoft Community

    In the dashboard, the sound effects "pling" that plays when we shift functions is totally distorted and crackled. Bizarrely, when I put the cursor on a function that is disabled, like "Privacy" on the settings screen, the sound it makes this exchange is normal. It also makes a big PRRRRRR quando the dashboard launch after de XBOX360 logo screen.

XBOX 360 no sound only video on HDMI - Microsoft Community

    Have you tried resetting the video / audio settings on the Xbox? If not try doing this. Turn off the console and restart it using the controller. During start up hit "Y" and the Right Trigger at the same time. Do this until the console restarts. Report abuse 9 people found this reply helpful · Was this reply helpful? TU TutorialLine599

Help with sound for a Xbox 360 w/ HDMI cable - Arqade

    I just got the new "kinect ready" 4GB Xbox 360 and I have it hooked up to my computer monitor via an HDMI cable (no actual TV). However my monitor has no built in speakers, hence no sound. Looking at the back of the xbox it looks like the only way I can get sound is to try and run a SPDIF-to-RCA converter from the xbox into my audio mixer.

Audio crackle/distortion - AVForums

    Hi, I have a problem with audio on my new Xbox 360. The Audio will crackle and distort at certain times during gameplay. It mainly happens when there is a loud explosion or many sounds happening at once. I have seen a few similar problems on other forums but have not found a fix. I almost seems...

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