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DVI with sound not working! - Microsoft Community

    The issue you are experincing may be caused even by the type of the TV used, if the TV has an analog input (probably a 3.5mm jack port) it wont be able to take the audio from the DVI, so I'd say use a 3.5mm -3.5mm lead and connect it from your computer to your tv that way. In the end I will suggest you to use: www.xbox.com/.../Xbox360GVGSHDCable

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    Then place this cable one end in the xbox and the red and white ones on the standard definition into the phono's on your tv. Then place your DVI end into your TV, then place your HDMI end into your xbox, these should both fit now that you have reduced the size of the end of the cable. Good luck Desmo Distinguished Member Apr 7, 2008 #5

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    From wiki "the audio and remote-control features of HDMI will not be available unless the output supports HDMI via a DVI plug (e.g., ATI 3000-series and NVIDIA GTX 200-series video cards)." It will...

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    To fix this: Open the options on the Xbox Main Screen Right until you get to Settings Select Console Settings → Display Discovery Turn the auto display discovery to Off It will ask you to reset your TV and Xbox, after which you should have sound. You will also need to reset your display configuration (i.e. your resolution/HD settings). Share

Xbox 360 - no sound through HDMI | NeoGAF

    Go to System Settings on your 360 (MyXbox), then Console Settings, then Audio. You'll see "Digital Output" - click it and scroll through the three options, trying them. if it doesn't work, there's something wrong with your TV. Also - you could try turning them on out of order - 360- first then TV and vice versa. N Nemo Will Eat Your Children

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