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XBOX 360 no sound only video on HDMI - Microsoft Community

    Have you tried resetting the video / audio settings on the Xbox? If not try doing this. Turn off the console and restart it using the controller. During start up hit "Y" and the Right Trigger at the same time. Do this until the console restarts. Report abuse 9 people found this reply helpful · Was this reply helpful? TU TutorialLine599

XBox 360 Audio/Video Issues - Video Game911

    XBox 360 Audio/Video Issues. Posted on July 22, 2009 May 29, 2017 by . When your XBox 360 is not displaying on your output device its important to first check the cables and make sure they are all plugged in correctly. We only recommend using one form of video output, whether its Standard Video or HD. ...

SOLVED: No video, no audio - Xbox 360 - iFixit

    Just like the title says, my Xbox 360 has stopped displaying video, and I have no audio. I've tried switching from HDMI to component cables, and also using a friends HDMI cable and TV, to no avail. My TV still displays "NO SIGNAL," while his actually displays an incredibly distorted/warped version of the boot up screen, but, again, no sound.

Xbox 360 av cable Problems - YouTube

    thank you foe viewing my vid i dont need any answer anymore check out other vid.....Ive been trying to fix my xbox 360 av cable..

How to fix an Xbox 360 with sound but no video – Justin ...

    Unlike most other broken 360's out there, there were no 3 red-rings-of-death (RROD) indicating some major problem. Instead, when you turn it on, it seemed to start up just fine. Well, you could hear the audio of the startup, but there was no picture. Get the XBox 360 Red Light fix – Guaranteed to work in less than 2 hours.

Noob needs help! Xbox 360 HDMI audio skipping ...

    The problem is that every five seconds or so, the audio skips like it's a broken record. For reference, I've had the TV for three years, the Xbox for one. I've changed cords to no effect. When I plug the same HDMI cord into a satellite receiver, the audio works fine, so it seems the problem stems from the Xbox. Here's the weird part, though.

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