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Xbox 360 audio adapter - Microsoft Community

    Xbox 360 audio adapter ... ok heres my problem i use a hdmi cable that goes to monitor for gaming for audio i have a turtle beach head set hooks up from the monitor through the audio headphone jack out put, well recently that has stoped working (it broke) i have been playing with no sound because my monitor has no speakers so i was wonder if ...

Xbox 360 Speaker problem | Tom's Guide Forum

    Correction, just noticed my Xbox does have HDMI,,,,Was hidden behind the other cable(Oh Microsoft+Me). Still don't see how this would be helpful as my monitor is VGA and don't really see a way to get the speakers involved using the HDMI.

Xbox 360 audio problems | AfterDawn Discussion Forums

    Hi, I am having audio problems too. I have the optical audio out from the 360 to my Panasonic stereo receiver (which btw worked fine with the original xbox HD hookup). But I am only hearing the lows (bass) thru the subwoofer. I monkey w/ the audio settings on the receiver and the best I can do is get the rear speakers sound when trying to ...

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DIY Projects: Xbox 360 audio cable

    Well no promblem, just connect the component cable and hook up the audio to my amp. Well it's not that simple, the component cable plug is too thick to fit when the HDMI cable is plugged in the Xbox 360. I could have bought a dongle and spend money + time waiting for it to arrive or, figure something out with my cable.

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