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Sync issue - video progressively lags further behind audio ...

    Video playback should be in-sync with audio throughout playback. Actual Behavior. Video lags behind audio after a minute or so by a noticeable amount. To Reproduce. Steps to reproduce the behavior: On a Raspberry Pi: Play a low-resolution video for a couple of minutes; After a minute, the audio and video will drift out of sync

Video Playback slow with XBMC 12 beta 1 - Kodi

    Audio misconfiguration is the most common reason for these type video playback issues and one of tbe most well documnted in xbmc Forums and wiki. theres literally dozens of threads on this and all 2013 dated.

Question / Help - Video lagging behind audio | OBS Forums

    When recording, over time the audio gets further and further ahead of the video. They'll be synced properly to begin with, but by ~20 minutes in a pc recording and even more quickly when recording with a capture card, the visual will be noticeably behind and continues to get worse to the point that the video doesn't even make sense because we'll comment on …

Troubleshooting Audio Desync or Video Lag Issues ...

    Troubleshooting Audio Desync and Video Lag Issues. To fix this issue, or at least get your video working to its optimal performance, you need to understand the variables that can free up your computer's CPU from tasks, or reduce the amount of video data to process. Make sure your browser is running on the latest version.

Video is lagging behind the Audio, on everything - Windows ...

    My problem is that any video is lagging behind on the audio. For example, i'm watching Twitch. After about an hour or two i start noticing the desync. I hear the audio, after a second i see the mouths moving. Where i experience this desync problem: Twitch (web, app) Netflix (web, app) YouTube. Even stored videos on my harddrive and running it ...

How to Fix Video Lag Issue on Windows and Mac

    Another issue related to video lags that a lot of people encounter is while watching videos online. To fix any video lag due to a network or browser-related issue, I would recommend these solutions. Fix 1: Reset Your Router. Well, if you think there is a problem with your network, then your router can be responsible for that.

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