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Problems with PulseAudio

    I am running Kodi on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS x86; install method is PPA (team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu trusty main). My sound system is PulseAudio with all the settings on the defaults, outputting audio through the HDMI port of my graphics card. It …

PulseAudio - Official Kodi Wiki

    For XBMC 13 'Gotham' and later (named Kodi since 14 'Helix') we wanted this situation to change, so thanks to the new PulseAudio Sink users now can run a normal Ubuntu desktop. 2 PulseAudio Output Configuration. PulseAudio will be automatically detected and selected in Kodi when it is running. PulseAudio can be run in one of two modes these are:

XBMC, Ubuntu 10.10 and PulseAudio | XBMCworkshop

    Home > Linux, sound, Ubuntu, XBMC > XBMC, Ubuntu 10.10 and PulseAudio XBMC, Ubuntu 10.10 and PulseAudio. January 13, 2011 xbmcworkshop Leave a comment Go to comments. The problem: After upgrading the hardware of my HTPC a while back, I ran into trouble with the sound output. I now use hdmi for both sound and video.

Problem with 5.1 AC-3 through Alsa, Pulseaudio on SPDIF ...

    Same issue as John N, trying to get SPDIF working on a Zotac box, using Ubuntu 14.10. I walked through the same steps, and got 5.1 channel sound selected, but when trying to play videos without pavucontrol open the videos would freeze and the AV receiver would show intermittent signal being received.

[ubuntu] Xbmc [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

    pulseaudio -D If you create a new text file on your desktop and paste that into it and then rename it to something Like "xbmc.sh" without the quotes, then right click -->Properties and then the Permissions tab and then select "allow executing of this file as a program" then every time you want to use XBMC click on it and select run from the pop ...

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