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[ubuntu] HDMI no audio ONLY in XBMC [Archive] - Ubuntu …

    HDMI sound only, all apps work in Ubuntu 8.10 with sound through HDMI but not XBMC, change default sound to digital, and change both passthrough and default sound device to hdmi and I now have sound. Great fix, should be in more places!

server - Why is XBMC failing to play audio from my HDMI ...

    I have the following setup: Ubuntu 14.04 Server; Latest Nvidia video drivers; ALSA installed; PulseAudio NOT installed; XBMC 13.1 Gotham installed; The problem: running speaker-test -c2 -D plughw:1,7 produces sound via HDMI out, as expected, and the XBMC log suggests that the card is detected, but I'm still not getting any sound in XBMC.. Relevant Information

No sound on HDMI Ubuntu 20.04 - Ask Ubuntu

    Open the audio mixer (it's called pavucontrol here) Switch to the Configuration tab (rightmost tab), There is a dropdown for selecting the profile for the builtin audio device. Here I could select a HDMI profile, just be careful to pick one that is not marked as not available. After that, audio through HDMI worked just fine.

XBMCUbuntu sin audio por HDMI - El Blog TIC

    Si tenéis un XBMCUbuntu sin audio por HDMI, este es vuestro post. XBMC se puede instalar sobre diferentes plataformas: Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS… y yo opté por la distribución XBMCUbuntu, que no es más que la última versión estable de Ubuntu con el XBMC ya paquetizado, de forma que al arrancar el pc ya arranca con el XBMC.

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