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[LINUX] HOW-TO get Digital Audio Pass-Through Output ...


12.04 - XBMC Passthrough Audio and Pulse - Ask Ubuntu

    Both Stereo audio and passthrough work within XBMC without having to uninstall pulse. I still however have to select a different audio output from the ubuntu sound settings (i.e. internal audio): In ~/.asoundrc: # ALSA library configuration file # Include settings that are under the control of asoundconf (1).

[LINUX] HOW-TO get Digital Audio Pass-Through Output ...

    To get digital audio pass through from a computer running Linux and XBMC. Remove PulseAudio (PA)! Example for Ubuntu 10.04 The ... That last one works in my regular xbmc setup (Ubuntu + xbmc) but not in Live. This is getting "pulling my hair out" cazy! It just won't work in xbmc live. I give up for now (19-11-2010). Good luck! P.S. Maybe a ...

XBMC, Ubuntu 10.10 and PulseAudio | XBMCworkshop

    XBMC, Ubuntu 10.10 and PulseAudio. January 13, 2011 xbmcworkshop Leave a comment Go to comments. ... The passthrough audio device setting worked fine (used for media with surround sound such as DTS 5.1), but the audio output device did not. Sound through Pulseaudio sometimes gave a metallic, distorted sound and sometimes just complete silence ...

PulseAudio - Official Kodi Wiki

    Passthrough Mode Used if you want to passthrough (bitstream) AC3, DTS, and EAC3 to an AVR or other device. In order to allow passthrough to work with PulseAudio then it MUST be set to use a 2.0 channel configuration, despite the 2.0 setting this will still allow 5.1 audio from AC3, DTS, and EAC3.

[ubuntu] HDMI no audio ONLY in XBMC [Archive] - Ubuntu …

    HDMI sound only, all apps work in Ubuntu 8.10 with sound through HDMI but not XBMC, change default sound to digital, and change both passthrough and default sound device to hdmi and I now have sound. Great fix, should be in more places!

sound - How to improve the quality of music ... - Ask Ubuntu

    I've upgraded Ubuntu to 13.04. XBMC also upgraded and now it sounds as bad as Clementine. Problem solved :-(But, wait! After delving more in the problem, it looks like the guilty is on Pulse Audio, the newest Linux sound architecture that …

Video pass through - Raspberry Pi Forums

    Re: Video pass through. Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:43 am. gligoran wrote: Yes, it's an HDMI cable. The whole point is that I would like my TV to do the decoding of both video and audio while the Pi handles XBMC. Hope this clears up my question a bit. Not possible through a HDMI cable. It doesn't support compressed video. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1.

Archive:HOW-TO:Install XBMC on Ubuntu/HOW-TO 2 - Kodi

    15 Sound configuration in XBMC. After booted into XBMC switch to „digital” audio output, than choose the AC3 and DTS capabilities according to your receiver. For SPDIF: Leave audio output device: default Leave passthrough to IEC958 For HDMI: To have analog and navigation sound working: # sudo nano /etc/asound.conf and insert the following ...

Archive:XBMC v12 (Frodo) FAQ - Official Kodi Wiki

    While XBMC for Mac OS X does have the new AudioEngine, which features many new improvements in audio quality for XBMC, HD audio passthrough is not currently possible on Mac OS X and iOS due to limitations on the OS level. Those who want HD audio passthrough will need to use a Linux-based OS or Windows on their Mac hardware.

[VideoPlayer] Occasional wrong channel order with ...

    I'm running Kodi 19.3 on top of Ubuntu 18.04-x64 (+ALSA, no PA) on an N3150 Celeron HTPC which is connected to a Denon X1000 receiver using HDMI. I have audio passthrough disabled, so multichannel decoding is performed by Kodi and send a...

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