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Change XBMC Audio Offset for better viewing experience on ...

    The solution is pretty simple: XBMC has a feature to tweak the audio offset, allowing you to better synch up the audio and video. When watching a video, click the menu button and navigate to the audio settings: Next, select Audio Offset: And finally, use the left and right arrows to move the audio slightly in respect to the video until ...

Configure default audio offset for videos?

    all my (downloaded) videos come with an audio offset of about -150 msec. So I have to set this for every video again on replaying. My question: is there anywhere a possibility to define such an audio offset by default so that every video is replayed with this predefined value? Thanks! See advancedsettings in our wiki, it is possible.

Unable to adjust audio offset beyond 600ms - Help and ...

    xbmc/xbmc/blob/master/xbmc/settings/AdvancedSettings.cpp#L675} TiXmlElement* pRefreshFallback = pAdjustRefreshrate->FirstChildElement("fallback"); while (pRefreshFallback) {RefreshOverride fallback = {0}; fallback.fallback = true; float refresh; if (XMLUtils::GetFloat(pRefreshFallback, "refresh", refresh)) {fallback.refreshmin = refresh - 0.01f;

Kodi Audio Settings: understanding the audio options

    Kodi Audio Settings: confusing but helpful. How to set up Kodi audio? First things first, there are two possible menus where you will find settings to modify Kodi audio output; one of these is located in the settings menu, which can be accessed via System -> Settings -> System -> Audio output; we will call these Kodi audio settings the main audio settings.

Download XBMC Media Center 11.0 Beta 1 for Windows ...

    * Added commands for xbmc.Player().getAvailableAudioStreams() and xbmc.Player().setAudioStream() * Added support to identify DTS-HD (DTS-HD MA and DTS-HD HRA) profiles in audio stream list * Add ability for skinners to show buffering progress for streamed/cached files (similar to YouTube)

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