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No sound on AVI's/MP4 - Kodi Community Forum

    Hi ive just checked a couple of the files and the audio is MP3 I can't find an option for MP3 capable in xbmc, I have tried as a test unselecting all with the theory of the media center would do the encoding but that still doesn't work, I've also dumbed it down to the lowest setting of 2.0 channel with no effect.

Topic: XBMC Passthrough no sound | Stephan's blog

    XBMC Passthrough no sound. ... MP3’s and MP4’s still worked, but when I tried to play any DVD iso with AC3, I could not hear sound. Switching the output device to SPDIF on both audio output and passthrough and configuring the receiver to take video from HDMI and audio from SPDIF did work, and I could hear the 5.1 channel audio without a ...

XBMC Gotham (13.2) and Kodi (14.0 alpha 3) no audio for ...

    Just tried both Gotham 13.2 and Kodi (14.0 alpha 3) on my new Fire TV. but same result: - Playing MKVs (720p, 1080p, x.264 with DTS/MA => work ok, passthrough is enabled - AVI files and MP4 files with audio tracks in MP3 or AAC => video ok, but...

xbmc no video audio only - Raspberry Pi Forums

    Hi, i used http://michael.gorven.za.net/raspberrypi/xbmc to install xbmc on raspian. It's working well with .avi .mp4 but when i try any mkv file i got audio only and ...

xbmc for xbox wont play my mp4 videos - XBMC4Xbox

    my xbmc for xbox will not play mp4 files and i cant figure out why. my xbmc version is 3.3.3 i have a bata version 3.5 bata 2. ive looked up on how to make it play them and cant figure it out. it play the sound ok but the mplayer or dvdplayer wont show the video and when it does show the video its slow or frezzes sometimes. is there a new media player for the xbox …

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