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XBMC no mp3 sound - Kodi

    Dont know if its a bug with xbmc but I had this issue last night. Everything was working fine and then suddenly my mp3 and flac and LPCM audio track will have no sound. All my movies that was dd or dts-hd worked but mp3 and lpcm didnt. I found out somehow the volume inside of XBMC (osd) was set to -54.0db even tho I didnt turn it down to -54db.

no sound on XBMC - AVForums

    Don't know of this is an issue in the pc version of xbmc, but on my raspberry pi version there is a known issue with hdmi sound and the audio engine option. If the audio engine option is selected it, for some reason, makes the hdmi option disappear and you can only select analog and optical. Which for me gave me no sound at all.

Set XBMC to Auto Update Library - Boshdirect

    See below for the details on how to setup a timed job (cron) to update your video or music library. This consists of installing the xbmc-send application and setting up a cron job (and enabling the EventServer). Access the shell of your XBMC installation (either via SSH/putty or directly from the keyboard/Ctrl+Alt+F2) then run the following ...

XBMC Audio goes HD | News | Kodi

    No matter the audio source, AE handles the decoding, resampling, transcoding, encoding and streaming of your media, including for the first time DTS-MA, TrueHD and 24-bit audio. XBMC has never sounded better! With full floating-point audio pipes, even mp3’s sound audibly better, with dithering built-in to further reduce quantization noise.

No voices in 5.1 output : xbmc - reddit

    I've played with all of the various XBMC Audio Output options, and nothing brought the voices out until I finally set the output to 2 channel. So then I went hunting, 7.1, no voices, 5.1, no voices. 4.1, works fine. I don't mind leaving it set to 4.1, but I do have a center channel.

Music library - Official Kodi Wiki

    Library Maintenance tasks can be found in Media>Library How music is collected, stored and displayed can be set in Settings>Media>Music How Audio Discs are handled can be found in Settings>Player>Discs Preferences related to music playback can be found in Settings>Player>Music.

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