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PulseAudio and XBMC for linux | News | Kodi

    A feature of PulseAudio is that it´s network transparent, and as such you can connect to a remote computer and have it play the audio. And of course we added this to XBMC, just create an advancedsettings.xml as this: \ \ \PulseAudio Server IP\ \ \ And it should connect to the other computer. Known issues:

XBMC, Ubuntu 10.10 and PulseAudio | XBMCworkshop

    The problem: After upgrading the hardware of my HTPC a while back, I ran into trouble with the sound output. I now use hdmi for both sound and video. I had the audio output device set to "pulse" and the passthrough device set to hw:1,7. The passthrough audio device setting worked fine (used for media…

PulseAudio - Official Kodi Wiki

    PulseAudio is used when Kodi is installed in a desktop-environment rather than a dedicated/direct boot setup. PulseAudio allows normal video & audio playback in XBMC while at the same time allowing the user to get audio in their browser or other applications. It also allows Kodi playback of video or audio to be paused in order to run a game ...

Pulseaudio support - Kodi

    patch -i ${srcdir}/xbmc-ae04d99-321-texturepacker-hostflags-and-rework.patch -p1 # Bootstrapping XBMC ./bootstrap # Configuring XBMC export PYTHON_VERSION=2 # external python v2 # we need to compile for armv6 instead of armv5 to avoid problems compiling assembler code

Archive:HOW-TO:Install XBMC on Ubuntu/HOW-TO 2 - …

    I therefor assume that you use digital audio pass-through (S/PDIF or HDMI) to a receiver/amplifier with built-in Dolby Digital (AC3) decoder, and hence I choose NOT to install the dependency libraries for PulseAudio and compile XBMC later without PulseAudio support.


    If you do, the settings in XBMC have to change accordingly (HDMI = hdmi, S/PDIF = iec958) Apparently PulseAudio and ALSA drivers conflict - which will lead to NO sound in XBMC; Start by removing PulseAudio sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio; Now purge all remaining PulseAudio files from the system

xbmc-git AUR package: discussion in here please / AUR ...

    99% of xbmc's audio issues are due to pulseaudio - as can be read in the known-issues document of your checkout. I wonder where the point is in pulseaudio anyway. Last edited by haggy (2009-05-28 20:43:10)

xbmc/CMakeLists.txt at master · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    Kodi is an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media. With its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, it's available for Android, BSD, Linux, macOS, iOS and Windows. - xbmc/CMakeLists.txt at master · …

Archive:HOW-TO:Install XBMC for Linux on Fedora using …

    I am going to try to compile and install pulseaudio 1.0/1.1 myself, and will post instructions if successful 13.2 Workaround Option 1 - With passthrough bitstreaming but no OS / Menu sounds Direct to HDMI audio source from xbmc

Kodi - ArchWiki - Arch Linux

    Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. These can all be played directly from a CD/DVD, or from the hard-drive. Kodi can also play multimedia from a …

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