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Track naming template - forum.kodi.tv

    I have been trying to create a track naming template (audio files) for quite a while now. The desired product should be: ... I have to say that in all my years of using XBMC/Kodi it had never occurred to me to try and colourize the track listing using the track naming template.

Questions about track naming template - forum.kodi.tv

    Been fiddling around with the Audio Tag File Naming Template and have a few questions: ... The label formatter/mask/naming template feature goes back to XBMC days, seems pretty limited to me and is unlikely to be enhanced as there are other ways for skins to implement things. ... Questions about track naming template 0 ...

Settings/Media/Music - Official Kodi Wiki

    The track naming template controls how names of songs are displayed in library views when sorted by track number. In order to extend this function to File view mode, the setting Enable tag reading in file view must be enabled. The default setting is [%N.]%A-%T which displays as Track No.Artist name-Track name

Album/Track naming ref Plex, XBMC, etc... | AVS Forum

    What do you find the best file naming for audio files in Plex or XMBC for multiple disc albums?? There are so many different naming schemes used. Examples I've tried: /Artist /Album /cd 1 /01 - track name /02 - track name /cd 2 /01 - track name /02 - track name or; /Artist /Album /101 - track name 102 - track name 201 - track name 202 - track name

How to Create a File-Naming Template | MusicBee Wiki | …

    Let's start with MB's default template. <Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> <Title>. This means your music files will be stored with the following path: Adele\21\01-11 Someone like You.mp3. If you don't tag disc# for a single disc album, then: Adele\21\11 Someone like You.mp3.

XBMC User Guide - sandal.tw

    XBMC even has a built in audio CD ripper. This ripper supports ripping to wav, mp3 and OGG vorbis formats and attempts to name your tracks using album and artist data sourced from CDDB.com. You can customize the look and feel of your XBMC using “skins” to customize the system to suit your own taste.

Best method for renaming and organizing files for XBMC ...

    I use Media Center Master (running MediaBrowser as a front-end) and I'm 99% sure it has an option for XBMC file naming conventions. I'd check, but I'm not at home. It's a pretty nifty program - as long as your files currently contain *some* form of a naming convention, it will auto rename the files, pull backdrops, coverart, and other metadata.

Only 1 audio track out of 2 available in playback · Issue ...

    Bug report Describe the bug Here is a clear and concise description of what the problem is: I have a MythTV recording that offers 2 audio tracks: Original audio and a commented track for the visually impaired. I can confirm that both tra...

NFO files/Templates - Official Kodi Wiki

    NFO Files are named the same as the video file except with the .nfo extension. We recommend using this filename format to name nfo files. movie.nfo. Kodi may also scan nfo files named movie.nfo. To use this name, the setting Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title must be Enabled in the Set Content Screen.

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