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How to setup Plex (and XBMC) for Surround Sound Audio ...

    Press select and scroll down to “Audio”. Press select and scroll down to “Dolby Digital Output”. Press select and enable one of the three options that correlates with how your Fire TV is connected to you audio receiver. – “Dolby Digital Plus Automatic”. – “Dolby Digital Plus over HDMI”. – “Dolby Digital over Optical”.

Set XBMC to Auto Update Library - Boshdirect

    See below for the details on how to setup a timed job (cron) to update your video or music library. This consists of installing the xbmc-send application and setting up a cron job (and enabling the EventServer). Access the shell of your XBMC installation (either via SSH/putty or directly from the keyboard/Ctrl+Alt+F2) then run the following ...

Organizing your (XBMC) music library - fanart.tv

    Setup Album Artist and Multi Disc. In order to fully support XBMC, you might want to add the albumartist field to puddletag since it isn’t enabled by default. If you don’t want to use this, you can skip this part since XBMC can work without it. To add this field: go to Edit -> Preferences. Here you can add the field to Tag Panel and Columns.

The Media Center Blog: CW-KID’s XBMC Settings Guide - Part1

    I am using DVB Logic’s DVBLink with XBMC for my Live TV setup, if you wish to read more about that setup, look back at some of my previous blog posts on the subject. I am using the 3rd party DVBLink PVR add-on for XBMC which I wrote about here where I talked about the installation and setup process for the PVR add-on.

Add-on:XBMC Library Auto Update - Official Kodi Wiki

    This is an XBMC Service that will update your music and video libraries on a timer. You can select a different interval to scan your media databases (Audio,Video,Both) or you can set a cron-style timer for greater control. If you are playing an audio or video file when the timer starts it can skip the library update process until it is completed so that you're media …

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