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Prototype - xAudio2 missing. - Microsoft Community

    Prototype - xAudio2 missing. Less than a week ago i bought a Sony Vaio Laptop, and a few days ago Prototype.The main problem is that it plays without sound because "xAudio2" is missing. Now i searched for info on the Internet, even tried the steps Umair Khan Jadoon posted on his blog,without any results.

Prototype 2 fix (2 Xaudio) - YouTube

    How to fix 2xaudio

XAudio2 Error Codes (Xaudio2.h) - Win32 apps | …

    xaudio2_e_invalid_call 0x88960001 Returned by XAudio2 for certain API usage errors (invalid calls and so on) that are hard to avoid completely and should be …

xaudio2 issues Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

    Removing all xaudio2 files and transferring the files from known working PC - no effect Reinstalling .net framework - no effect Editing the DirectX regisrty back a version to try and trick a re-install - no reinstall occurs, still thinks its on the latest version.

XAudio2_2.dll : Free .DLL download. - DLLme.com

    Download XAudio2_2.dll About XAudio2_2.dll errors. When an application requires XAudio2_2.dll, Windows will check the application and system folders for this .dll file.

Cube world "Xaudio2 Error" (Windows) Fix - YouTube

    ANSWERS to QUESTIONS:QUESTION: Does it work for macs?ANSWER: Not in all casesQuestion: Does it have to be a headset?Answer: NO, earphones our anything that ...

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