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No sound through HDMI - WD TV Live & Live Plus - WD Community


No Audio on my .Mp4 - WD TV Live & Live Plus - WD Community

    I have dome files .mp4 and im not getting any audio, de folder also contain a folder called (Audio 2ch). ... Spanish; Italian; French; HGST Support; No Audio on my .Mp4. WD Legacy Products. WD TV Live & Live Plus. I_ROD. October 15, 2015, 1:38am #1. I have dome files .mp4 and im not getting any audio, de folder also contain a folder called ...

How to Solve MP4 and WD TV Incompatible Issues - …

    The basic reason why we cannot view MP4 video files on WD TV HD Media Player, WD TV Mini Media Player, WD TV Live HD Media Player, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player properly, that is due to the complicated codecs of MP4. What's more, WD TV is restricted for video resolution and frame rate for MP4 files. For example, on WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1): MPEG-4 and H.264 …

No audio followed by "unsupported format"?! - WD TV Live ...

    most MP4’s use AAC codec for audio the WDTV can’t play AAC 5.1 or greater the codec is no supported i’ve used mkvtoolnix 4.4 to re-encode to a mkv then use the popcornhour audio converter to convert the audio to AC3 the popcorn hour converter won’t work with versions higher than 4.4 you can also use handbrake

No sound after 25 minutes of playing mp4 video - WD TV ...

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have got an issue with few mp4 files. The audio stops playing after 25 minutes of play. It only happens to few files and they are 720p or1080p files. I just dont get it as how wd can play 25 minutes of audio and then just stops playing audio and video keeps on playing. Files play fine on my computer. Can someone please help me with this. Thank you.

No audio when playing a movie trailer (MP4) - WD TV Live ...

    Just tried the hub setting for audio labeled “stereo” and now (with no re-wiring of anything) I can hear the audio on MP4 files. This brings up another question of course – Will I miss any quality in audio using this setting for everything – ISO movie streams and a few MP4 trailers.

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