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Watermarked CDs? | Stereophile.com

    Stealth MediaLabs announced last week that SunnComm has agreed to license its "StealthChannel" technology, designed to utilize a "hidden and virtually indestructible 'metaspace'" within compact discs. The companies say this will allow for a persistent watermark to be embedded in SunnComm's MediaMax music CD releases.

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    This item: Watermark - Audio CD (1989) [Audio CD] Audio CD $31.60 Dark Sky Island by Enya Audio CD $11.79 Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page 1 of 1 Start over Watermark Enya 1,038 Audio CD 166 offers from $1.43 Watermark by Enya [Music CD] Enya 15 Audio CD 16 offers from $5.49 Watermark (Vinyl) Enya 129 Vinyl 13 offers from $28.50

Watermarked Security Promo CD-R's - LPCatalog

    Watermarked Security Promo CD-R's. For any fan of music or music collecting, the watermarked promo CD's are an important yet rare point of conversation. Our database at LPCatalog has 26 of these particular items that range from the years 2002 to 2014. There are many features of these compact discs that make them very unique to any normal radio promotional CD,DVD, or cassette.

Discogs Forum - How to Play a Watermarked Disc?

    At all times, you agree to keep this CD safe from unauthorized use. The music on this CD has been watermarked with a unique identifier that allows us to identify you as the source of any unauthorized copies. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY UNAUTHORIZED USE, REPRODUCTION, TRANSMISSION OR DISTRIBUTION OF THE MUSIC ON THIS CD. Permalink 1.9k 886

Watermarked CD - How to Rip? | Steve Hoffman Music …

    There are strict instructions that the disc is to be played in a standard CD player and that it should never be copied - it is watermarked individually for each recipient so that leaks can be traced. Of course the album has been out for over a decade at this point in time. I'll have to check the file extensions when I get back home.


    Watermarked music CDs were common for selective pre-release distribution. They contain an "indelible" serial number and the "watermark" would alert the rights owner (usually the label) if content was made detectably public (e.g. uploaded to the internet) and to whom the disc was originally provided.

Audio Watermark Listening Test - Matt Montag

    Audio sample containing an exaggerated watermark. This distortion is visualized in the figure below, showing discrete blocks of noise that fluctuate in intensity over time. A spectrogram of the watermark by itself. The distortion lies in the region from 1 to 3 kHz. In the following example, sample A is the original, and sample B is watermarked.

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