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VISHAY Dale RN60D Series 1/2 Watt - Parts For DIY Audio ...

    Brand : Vishay / Dale. Termination Style : Axial. Power Rating : 0.25 W (1/4 W) (For Military Applications) Power Rating : 0.5 W (1/2 W) (For Normal Applications like Audio Stuff) Tolerance : 1 %. Temperature Coefficient : 100 PPM / C. Voltage …

Vishay Dale - Vishay Brands

    Vishay Dale Power Metal Strip® resistors feature a unique technology that enables low resistance values, high stability, low inductance, and good power handling characteristics. Vishay Dale magnetics include a broad offering of leaded and surface-mount inductors and transformers.

Vishay Dale Established Reliability Resistors Available at ...

    The Vishay Dale RLR Series is available in four case sizes: RLR05 (1/8w), RLR07 (1/4w), RLR20 (1/2w) and RLR32 (1w). These resistors are capable of full load operation at an ambient temperature of 70°C and have a resistance characteristic of 100ppm. Life failure rates (M, P, R and S) range from 1 percent to .001 percent per 1000 hours.

Dale / Vishay Resistors | diyAudio

    Until about 2 - 3 Years back I was able to Order Dale Resistors almost any kind I wanted. Before that until 1992 there where Resista Resistors from Germany if I remember right. Then there was the announcement that Resista would stop to produce Resistors and the the company would be sold to Vishay..

Vishay/Dale resistors — Polk Audio Forum

    Vishay/Dale resistors. quadzilla Posts: 1,542. September 2011 edited September 2011 in DIY, Mods & Tweaks. ... but have read numerous posts stating that metal film is best for audio applications, so we'll see what happens. These would be going in my 2.3 TL xover upgrade. ... I know there are a lot of Vishay resistors in my HCA-3500 amplifier ...

Vishay Audio Resistors | diyAudio

    I used Russian vacuum-sealed 0.5% silver-mica SGM-3 capacitors in the equalizer (in combination with the VAR resistors). I got the exact corner frequencies with the resistors as below: Output impedance of each tube stage = 1.2k (1.2k + 94.2k + 10.6k) x (4 x 7500pF) = 3180us 10.6k x (4 x 7500pF) = 318us (1.2k + 73.8k) x 1000pF = 75us

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