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Voices do not work · Issue #5 · ValveSoftware/portal2 · …

    @edmondo: Most Valve games pack their files in the *.vpk files in /SteamApps/common/Portal 2/portal2/. They are self-contained filesystems, and probably case insensitive so the case difference noted by @flugsio is probably harmless otherwise it would not work on Windows either.

Portal - Soundboard.com - Create & Download Free Sounds ...

    Portal GlaDOS Turrets Valve The Orange Box. This is all the sounds I could find for the game Portal, includes sounds from GlaDOS and the sweet Turrets Could you come over here? Gotcha! Hello, friend. Hey hey hey. I don't blame you. I don't hate you. I see you. It's me. No hard feelings ...

GLaDOS Voice Generator

    GLaDOS is the main antagonist in the Valve Software game Portal. See the Portal Wiki article on GLaDOS for more information about the character. Generated voice samples: A simple API is available, for use in home automation projects and similar. You can request a sample, which will return immediately if it exists, or hold for up to 5 minutes, waiting for the sample to be generated.

Valve and Geico team up for a Portal-themed insurance …

    Audio player loading… Geico is a US-based insurance company famous for its Cockney gecko mascot. Valve is a US-based videogame company that made a pair of puzzle games starring a deranged ...

English audio not work for other-languages Steam client ...

    timjp87 commented on Feb 28, 2014. I don't have an "Audio Language" setting in the Audio settings ingame menu. I simply right click Portal 2 in the library -> Properties -> Language and select the language from the dropdown menu. It will have to download 650 MB before the changes take effect. Copy link.

Portal 2 - Cave Johnson Sound Pack - Free Download

    Category First Person. Size 6.5 MB. Program by Valve. Review. Comments. Portal 2 - Cave Johnson Sound Pack. A package of Cave Johnson sounds from the popular Valve game Portal 2. This collection of Cave Johnson Wav files includes many favorite quotes from the game. Also, he doesn't want any damn lemons!

Portal 2: Cave's voicelines - Valve Developer Community

    Description. This is a list of all the references to call Cave Johnson's dialog like Valve did it, using script commands and npc_bullseye. OBS: Some of the scripts play several lines in sequence mirroring the dialogues on the test spheres. Basic Setup. Place a func_instance and choose the cave_gen_actor file on the instan#ces.; Make a trigger_once on your map and put …

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