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Mostly Audio - Simple Valve Theory

    Valve amplifiers distort in a different way from most transistors. Valves tend to produce 2nd harmonic distortions; whereas, transistors tend to produce 3rd harmonic distortion. Obviously, whichever type, we always try to reduce the …

Valve Theory #1

    Here, the first valve of the recording amplifier has its cathode directly connected to ground. Hence, positive going signals from the input, typically from a microphone, cause the grid to be positively biased, a current then flowing to the cathode, like a diode.

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Amplification

    Designing Valve Preamps for Guitar and Bass 2 Fig 1.1: Current and voltage in a simple diode circuit. 1.1: Basic Theory of Valves A thermionic valve or vacuum tube contains two or more electrodes suspended inside a glass bulb. Any air inside the bulb is thoroughly removed during manufacture, leaving only a vacuum.

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