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Valerie Bloom - Two Seasons on Vimeo

    Valerie Bloom reads her poem 'Two Seasons' which features in the CLiPPA 2015 shortlisted Give the Ball to the Poet: A New Anthology of Caribbean Poetry. To find out more about Valerie Bloom, to watch …

1 December ~ #58 * VALERIE BLOOM ~ Two Seasons * - …

    ~ Born 1956 ~A Poet for Every Day of the Year edited by Allie Esiri, is the perfect introduction to 366 of the world’s greatest ever verse writers.MEDITAT...

Valerie Bloom - Children's Poetry Archive

    Try ‘Two Seasons’. When Valerie first came to Britain she was very struck by the weather, and this poem is about the difference between British and Jamaica …

Valerie Bloom - Two Seasons | Centre for Literacy in ...

    Valerie Bloom - Two Seasons. More videos by Valerie Bloom. Valerie Bloom - What advice would you give to young poets? VIEW. Video. Valerie Bloom - What inspires you as a poet? VIEW. Video. Valerie Bloom - Why is poetry important? VIEW. Video. Valerie Bloom - How does poetry make you feel? VIEW.

Two Seasons - Children's Poetry Archive

    Two Seasons. We don’ have a Springtime like some folk. Who live in dem colder place, but we have a time when de soft rain come, an’ tease open de seedcase. o’ de poincianna and de trumpet tree, An’ whisper to de young cane to wake. when de guangu blossom is pink an’ white. powder-puff, prettying up de earth face.

"Two Seasons" by Valerie Bloom

    Two Seasons (2000) Valerie Bloom (1956 – ) Notes. 1 don': Jamaican English for don't. 2 dem: Jamaican English for them. 3 de: Jamaican English for the. 5 poinciana: ต้นหางนกยูงฝรั่ง in Thai; Delonix regia, or the flame tree, so called because of its bright reddish-orange flowers; usually blooms from May to July

Two Seasons | Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

    But no Summer, Winter, Autumn an' Spring. No, we don't have four different season, just two, de wet an' de dry, an' in de rainy season de storm cloud dem. cover over de face o' de sky, de road an' de river dem lose dem bank, an' de hurricane dem sometimes come callin'. fe borrow de roof an' fe tear up de tree dem.

Peenie-Wallie – A Way with Words

    What do you call a firefly in Jamaica? A peenie-wallie or a blinkie. For a lovely use of the first term, check out Valerie Bloom’s poem “Two Seasons.” Better yet, listen to the audio. This is part of a complete episode.

Poetry Archive NPD resource 2018

    The Poetry Archive is an audio collection, believing in the profound benefi ts to be had from listening to the sound a poem makes. To gain the most from this resource please fi rst listen to Valerie Bloom reading her poem Two Seasons on the Poetry Archive website here. htt ps://www.poetryarchive.org/poem/two-seasonsI

Detailed Schedule | Introduction to the Study of English ...

    Valerie Bloom, "Two Seasons" (with audio of Bloom reading) Week 7: Dec. 9: 13 Numbers. Reading. A. E. Housman, "Eight O'Clock" (1922) Caryl Churchill, A Number excerpt; Kate Chopin, "The Story of an Hour" (1894) Dec. 11: 14 Hair. Reading. Sandra Cisneros, "Hairs" (1984) ...

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