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user manual - Virtual Audio Cable

    An overflow is registered if a recording client does not provide free data storage (a buffer) within an appropriate time, and some audio data to be recorded are lost (there is a drop-out). An underflow is registered if a playback client does not provide filled data storage (a buffer ) within an appropriate time, and some audio data to be played back are late (there is a gap).

Audio Repeater Application - Virtual Audio Cable Documentation

    Using Virtual Cable devices in Audio Repeater, please note that these application's overflows and underflows are opposite to cable's overflows and underflows. For example, when Audio Repeater has no free buffer to pass to cable's recording end, it registers an underflow (there are no data). On the contrary, the cable has data but cannot give them because there are no buffers so the …

Troubleshooting - Virtual Audio Cable Documentation

    VAC is a "passive" tool. It is not an application that you can run, it is a virtual device driver.You can use it with almost any audio application by selecting "Virtual Cable N" devices in their audio settings.Please read about VAC principles and consult other parts of this manual.

Virtual Audio Cable Tutorial: Start Repeaters via .Bat ...

    Here is a little tutorial for a super neat trick that can speed up your workflow with VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) and make your life a lot more hassle free.Esp...

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How to exclude any Audio using VAC - OBS Forums

    Lets start. You will have to deactivate Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) under Playback AND Recording in your Sound settings to activate more than one VAC Line: System control panel -> Sound -> Playback -> right-click Line 1 -> Disable then under Recording -> right-click Line 1 -> Disable Now we can fiddle with the settings in the VAC control panel.

r/audio - Audio crackling and popping after a few minutes ...

    Switching back and forth between virtual (VAC/VBA) or physical (Bose QCii) devices results in crackling and clean audio respectively. This process is repeatable. UPDATE The crackling seems to be a layer on top of the sound. It's weird. The crackling does not interrupt the audio.

Virtual Audio Cable Static? : Twitch - reddit

    1 level 2 silentcovenant Op · 7y twitch.tv/ErrADDict It's actually not 'static' like you'd think. It's almost as if the sound is cutting in/out rapidly, making it sound like static? After Audition does it's thing, outputs it to the Virtual Cable, OBS is picking it up weird from there. 1 Continue this thread level 1 JoshTheSquid · 7y

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